Jumping Basics

No, our jumping age is for kids 12 and under so we don’t charge for anyone who is 13 years old or older, but anyone 13 or older are only allowed to be in the bouncers if they are helping a smaller child.

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  1. Kids (and adults who are in the bouncers) must wear socks at all times
  2. No running
  3. No wrestling
  4. Absolutely no gum in the building
  5. No food in the bouncers
  6. Slide feet first and one at a time
  7. No climbing up the slides
  8. No sitting on the edges of the bouncers
  9. No jumping between or behind bouncers
  10. No jumping from bouncer to bouncer
  11. HAVE FUN!
Category: Jumping Basics

No, we do not allow drop-offs at Jump Mania.  All kids must have a parent or guardian, who is at least 18 years old, in the building with them.  Although we have staff on-hand to ensure the jump rules are followed, we do not supervise the children.  We expect the parents to stay with their children and supervise them.  We have a large building that is over 10,000 square feet so parents of small children should keep a close eye on their kids so they don’t get lost in the building.

Category: Jumping Basics

If you are here for Open Jump, we have pre-packaged food and drinks available for purchase.  You may also bring in snacks or a meal for you and your kids.

If you are here for a Bring Your Own Party or for a Jump Party, we do restrict the food you may bring to the party.

Category: Jumping Basics

Socks – All jumpers must wear socks at all times while on the bounce floor and in the bouncers.  We do have socks for sale for $1.50 if you need a pair.

Parents do not need to wear socks unless they get in the bouncers with their kids.

Category: Jumping Basics

Anytime we are open, you may come in for Open Jump.   We do not require reservations.  With the exception of some holidays, we never close early and never close for private events.  You can rest assured that during our normal business hours, you may bring your kids in to jump.  We are closed for the following holidays:

4th of July

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve (close at 5:00)

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve (close at 5:00)

Category: Jumping Basics

Jumping is for kids 13 months through 12 years old.  We have a Toddler area for kids 3 and under.  The toddlers can play in this area or they can play in any of the bigger bouncers.  Parents may get in the bouncers with their kids.

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Party Basics

It’s OK!  We get an estimate from you at the time you book your party of how many kids you think will attend.

On your party day, we do a final head count and bill you only for the kids that attend.  At Jump Mania you’ll never pay for kids that don’t attend your party.

Category: Party Basics

Absolutely!  If you feel that your host provided great service to you and helped your party run smoothly, then show them some love!  Our hosts are some of the best in the business and they work hard to provide a great experience for you and your kids.  The typical tip is 10% – 20% of your total bill, but feel free to tip in any amount that you feel is worthy of the service they provided.

Category: Party Basics

We know that having little ones in your family means that anything could happen at anytime, so we are as flexible as possible with our cancellation policy.

Your deposit reserves the date and time for your party.  If for any reason you need to change the date and/or time of your party, call us at least an hour before your scheduled party time and we’ll move your party and deposit to the new date and/or time.   We provide this level of flexibility because we don’t want you child to miss out on his/her birthday party because they get sick or you have a family emergency.

If you need to cancel your party but don’t when you will be able to reschedule it, we will cancel the party and you will have up to 1 month from the original party date to call us and reschedule the party.

If you cancel your party and don’t reschedule it, then your deposit is forfeited.

Category: Party Basics

If you are having a Jump Party, or a Bring Your Own Party you may bring in a birthday cake or other birthday desert (no ice cream or ice cream cakes).  You may also bring in a cold fruit and/or vegetable tray.  Any other food and all drinks must be ordered through Jump Mania.

We offer pizza from Papa Johns and Hamburgers from JC’s Burger House (hamburgers are not available for Sunday parties).

We also offer a variety of drink options including Capri Sun, small and large water, 2 liter sodas, canned sodas, gatorade, organic juice boxes, and 100% juice boxes.

Category: Party Basics

Our schedule often fills up quickly so if you have a specific day and time that you want for your party, you should schedule it 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

If you are more flexible on the day and time, you can schedule your party with as little as 24 hours notice, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a party time available.

Category: Party Basics

There are several options to book a party:

  1.  You can book your party on-line, just click the tab at the top of the page that says “on-line party booking”.
  2.  You can call us to book your party.
  3. You can come in in person to book your party.


Category: Party Basics

We recommend that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to start.  This will give you a chance to meet with your party host and get all your party supplies into your room before your guests start to arrive.

If you arrive more than 10 – 15 minutes early, your party room may not be ready and you may have to wait until you can enter the room.

Category: Party Basics

Yes, we require a $50 deposit – this will hold your party date and time slot.  Your deposit in non-refundable and is applied towards the total cost of your party.

We understand that unexpected events can occur, even on the day of your party, so we allow you to change the date or time of your party for any reason and we’ll apply the deposit to the new date and time.  You MUST call at least 1 hour before your scheduled party time to reschedule your party, otherwise you will forfeit your deposit.

If you cancel your party for any reason and at any time, we do not refund the deposit.

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