We are the Best Place in Town for your Next Party


its party time

There are a number of factors that make Jump Mania the best place in town to hold a birthday party.


Here at Jump Mania we work hard to maintain affordable rates when it comes to birthday parties. There are a number of factors to consider when looking at cost:

  1. We have the lowest base cost per child of any other inflatable venue.
  2. We do not penalize you if attendance if not as large as expected. We adjust the cost of the party based on the actual number of attendees.
  3. You can control the cost because we allow you to bring in outside food and beverages.
  4. We don’t nickel and dime you once you are here – all of our attractions are free with your admission fee or event fee.


 We have a number of options to meet the specific needs of your event such as:

  1. Our bring your own party option which allows smaller parties the ability to enjoy the experience of an incredible bounce house facility while not having to incur the extra expense of meeting minimum child requirements.
  2. The ability to select certain party/event times that allow you the use of a private party room for up to two hours.
  3. The availability of reasonably priced private events that allow you to dictate the flow and pacing or your party as well as allowing as many guests as you would like.

Customer Service

 You will find that at Jump Mania we put the customer first. Our team motto is to look for reasons to say yes to our customers. That means we will work with you whenever possible to make sure that your event is everything that you want it to be.

Meals to Kids in Need

We provide a nutritious meal to a child at risk for malnutrition for every child that attends your party

Come give us a try, we believe that you will be absolutely glad you did.

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Under New Management

Did you know that Jump Mania Plano changed management June 1st 2014?

Long time Plano residents Karen and David Walker are the new owners and can be seen most days working hard to ensure guests of Jump Mania have a world class experience.

The core reason behind our decision to purchase Jump Mania was a desire to help young people at risk around the globe. We do this by providing a meal to kids at risk for malnutrition every time someone visits, be it for open jump, birthday parties, or any other occasion.

Karen, who has a background in Human Resources and David, whose background is in Healthcare Administration feel like Jump Mania is a great place to begin impacting the world around them from the community that they love and have been invested in for 20 years.

We invite you to come and jump with us and join us in making a positive impact in the lives of others.